Hi I’m Jackson Mohsenin, a software designer based in San Francisco. A lot of folks call me JMO.

I recently spent six years designing at Quora, where I got to integrate design and code in a day-to-day role, drive major parts of company strategy, and manage a wonderful team of designers.

Now I’m tinkering on personal projects, working with early-stage startups on design and strategy, and writing about the interplay between design, machine learning, and social systems.

Say hi if you’re interested in working together:

@jmohsenin •  [email protected]


Interfaces that help machine learning

Analyzing design patterns that help ML collect signal.

The algorithm isn't everything: TikTok's virtuous cycle

How TikTok’s product design, growth strategy, and algorithm compound to form strong network effects.

Snapchat and the myth of unintuitive design

Debunking the myth that Snapchat's hard-to-discover UX was a key part of their success.

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